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SYNC3, the system designed to help you

Standard on the Lincoln Aviator, the SYNC3 multifunction system is an evolution of systems designed to make your life easier, and more comfortable, in your Lincoln. More comprehensive and responsive, it features a simple user interface designed to limit driver distractions and improve voice control.

But SYNC3 is more than just an infotainment system. It offers many benefits that make life on board much easier.

Undeniable benefits

SYNC3 is a long list of easy-to-master benefits. For example, SYNC3 offers you :

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The ability to control the climate

SYNC3 offers options to change the vehicle's climate on the touch screen or home screen. Physical buttons are added on the dashboard.

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Enjoy your own music

When you connect your phone, you can stream your music with the application of your choice. Commands such as fast forward, pause and play are displayed, or respond to voice commands.

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Navigation access

Although SYNC3 has onboard navigation capabilities, your phone's connection allows you to use the navigation of your choice. The program itself supports a connection to Waze, an interactive mobile navigation application.

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Compatibility with your smartphone

No matter what phone you use, connect it to SYNC3 using a Bluetooth connection or the USB port. It connects to your specific application and becomes your true companion on the road.

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Compatible with Lincoln Connect

Lincoln Connect is a mobile application that connects to your Lincoln vehicle. It provides options such as car start, and a lot of information about the vehicle itself.

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SYNC3 does what you want

SYNC3's greatest achievement is its instant response to voice commands. At the sound of your voice, it can adjust the air conditioning, change the radio station, or contact your favorite phone.

Just press the voice command button and speak freely. SYNC3 is a system that recognizes dozens of different words and can easily help you by acting on your behalf. You can even tell it your destination by voice, and it will guide you to your destination.

All this without you having to take your eyes off the road or touch the screen.

For an added touch of safety, the SYNC3 system also includes 911 emergency assistance. If you've paired your smartphone for this feature, your car will call emergency services itself at the time of a fender bender, if you're unable to do so.

More than just an audio system, SYNC3 is an intelligent interface that will make your life easier in your Lincoln Aviator.

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