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SYNC 4, or how your Lincoln can communicate with you

A unique technology that accompanies the driver and passengers on the road, Lincoln's SYNC 4 is now available on new models in the lineup. Conversational voice recognition, use of your smartphone apps, and Lincoln Enhance software updates are all in the vehicle. Everything is synchronized to ensure the safety of its users. Experience a new way to drive with Lincoln. It's all presented on a large, high-definition touchscreen.

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SYNC 4 Technology

Lincoln's SYNC 4 is more powerful than its competitors. The luxury automaker has developed technology settings and features that allow you to sync up with your car. It's possible to personalize your driving through the use of your voice and cloud connectivity. The infotainment screen is a powerful tool that displays all the data the driver needs. With one voice command, the car responds to the request. It's easy, simple and safe.

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Conversational voice control

With cloud connectivity and conversational voice recognition, Lincoln SYNC 4 allows you to interact not only with the vehicle, but also with your loved ones. Change directions quickly or send a text message with your voice. The software responds to natural speech. So drivers don't have to take their hands off the wheel, and they can stay in control of their vehicle at all times by making sure they stay connected.

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Available SYNC 4 features

Satellite radio, music search and control, assistance service, Android and Apple device accounting and more, SYNC 4 is convenient and functional. When your smartphone is connected to your Lincoln, you can navigate your favourite apps through the wireless connection. Everything is displayed on your center infotainment screen. You'll always find your way with built-in navigation that tracks real-time traffic or a variety of services, like the location of charging stations for electric cars.

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Lincoln Enhance

SYNC 4 technology is a big part of Lincoln, and Lincoln Enhance is not forgotten. With the software updated as well, several features will evolve at the most convenient times to allow users to enhance their travel experience. Wireless upgrades are virtually invisible as they run in the background and can be scheduled at the next startup, when the car is parked or at a fixed time. SYNC 4, therefore, allows for the personalization of one's vehicle.

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